Are you considering buying a property purely for rental income, or maybe your ADU is just about done and you’re ready to list it? You’ll want to take a peek at this week’s video to get the latest updates on all things vacation rental news in Santa Cruz County as permits and waitlists are now factors for areas throughout the region...did you know there are limits to the number of rentals on specific streets?


You’ll definitely want to familiarize yourself with the County’s website page that’s devoted to this topic so you can view their maps and guidelines you’ll need to keep in mind:


Our recent blog on all things ADU might be of interest too, which includes plugging in the address of the property you plan to buy or maybe already own to see what’s permitted for your area of the county.


But if you’re in the market for that prime vacation rental property, you might want to take a look at the listings within our many neighborhoods that make up our region while our mortgage calculator might be helpful for crunching your numbers. 


And if you need to sell a property or two to make it happen, don’t forget about our home value calculator and our Ready to Sell program that lets you upgrade your home’s interior and exterior with 0% financing that’s paid back when your escrow closes.


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Erick Fernandez