In this episode, we count down our Top 10 videos of 2021, curious which ones our viewers liked the most? We always try to pack a ton of value into each one, covering news, trends and market conditions and putting it all into layman's terms PLUS ALL 10 will remain relevant for quite a while. 


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Without further ado, here they are, just tap/click each image to access each video and its precious resources, links and details:


#10: Prop 19 101




#9: Pandemic Effect - Home Buying


#8: Pandemic Effect - Selling


#7 (TWO VIDEOS): Fire Resources & Alternative Power



#6: Vacation Rental News & Rules


#5: All Things ADU's



#4: New Construction With A Twist


#3: READY TO SELL 0% Upgrades


#2: 2022 Tax Changes


#1 EF Tools


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-Erick Fernandez