As an active realtor in the South Bay market, I spend a great deal of time in Silicon Valley. I've been seeing it evolve and I'm sure you've heard that the market is up and because I split my time between Santa Cruz and the Southbay, I witness on a daily basis, how these two markets mix constantly. So what we're seeing over in the Southbay is rents are up and people are flocking to the area. So we're seeing inventory get soaked up at record levels, and that's creating high prices. But more importantly, it's affordable.

Unemployment is very low, salaries are up. So this kind of makes everything come together. And what people are looking for now is that whole balance, work life balance where they can have that home office, get their work done and get outside, go for a hike, all these things that kind of lead to a better lifestyle.

So that's kind of the trend that's going on. And I'm seeing it firsthand, for my clients in Campbell recently, with a property recently over in San Jose that the south end just created for them, the perfect lifestyle where they could get out of their condo in a tight little neighborhood. And you have a little bit more space to enjoy the outdoors. This is a perfect example, that if you reach out to me, we can talk about that. Maybe you have some questions I'm happy to answer. The market, market is very strong, but there's opportunity out there for buyers. And maybe you're a seller wondering what's in it for me, or you might need to move because you've got grandchildren out of the area that you want to get closer to.

We can help you there, too. We've got an exclusive ready to sell program that's going to be launching in the next couple of days. We'll have some updates on that, so tune in to our newsletter.

Just let us know if you need assistance in answering questions on your specific situation, we're here to help. Call or text us at (831) 247-0477 or email me at

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