The tranquility and comfort of having the amount of space that comes from rural and acreage-based living is many times transformative. Here at EF Homes, we have sold and bought close to 30 rural properties up to 54 acres of all types at the time of this video recording. Whether it’s a winery/vineyard or equestrian-focused property, there are numerous elements and factors that go into the sales process on both sides of the deal.


In this video, we walk you through quite a few of the areas that you must be considering as a buyer once you get past the amazing view and vision of how wonderful life would be. And for sellers, we cover areas that might need some attention in order to actually get your property listed on the MLS. And in some cases updates, refreshes and proactive upkeep may be in the mix…our Ready To Sell program might be a perfect match too. 


And along those lines, a quick peek into Ready to Sell is that you won’t need to handle contractors and Home Depot runs, that’s what we do for you, in record time. This program is exclusive to EF Homes and Keller Williams. We do all the heavy lifting to make this a super seamless process that maximizes your ROI (Return On Investment), so it’s the items that can double or triple the investment that are our focus.


The beauty of this is that all enhancements are factored into the closing costs so you never have to pay out of pocket.


You'll be able to transform your property, including:


Exterior/Interior Paint

Roof Repair

Bathroom / Kitchen Enhancements

Repair / Replace Flooring

Cosmetic Renovations

Overhaul Landscaping


So whether you’re a buyer or seller of an acreage and/or rural property of any kind, it’s vital that you connect with us to have someone help you navigate the process, knowing where all the potentially costly pitfalls and hurdles are hiding.


We’re a phone call, email or text away and look forward to helping you.


Thank you for letting us be your Santa Cruz County Real Estate resource,

-Erick Fernandez