If you're curious about California's Prop 19, you're in the right place. It's been a well kept secret both leading up to it becoming active and continues to be after its April 2021 introduction, and it shouldn't be. So we're here to break it down. Whether maybe you're going to inherit an investment property soon or it's your primary residence, there are some huge advantages you need to know about. Basically, Prop 19 now allows you to keep that lower tax basis you might already have and bring it into Santa Cruz County from, let's say, Santa Clara County, where you couldn't do that before. So this is a great opportunity for many homeowners. Basically, if you're 55 and over or you have a homeowner with certain disabilities or you're a victim of the recent wildfires, you now qualify for this awesome opportunity.

Here are two additional videos that speak to both the Property Tax and Fire Victim benefits of the program:


In case you want to do some investigative work, CLICK HERE for the official State of CA website on the topic, but I'm happy to jump on a call with you to chat about your specific situation too.

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