With our nearly complete Upper Capitola Village EF Homes Headquarters as our backdrop, we wanted to share the why and how of selling your home now that we’ve had close to two years of expedited change in our industry. Buyers’ ability to find homes they want to visit takes place on the couch many times, and those days of touring open houses all day are just about over for most. So when it comes to differentiating your home from the rest, it’s all about that first impression but also diving deep into the lifestyle of living in your home.


If you’re home is a bit outdated, and your neighbors have sold sparkling, newly-renovated homes and you’re left wondering how you’re going to make some magic’s probably time that we chatted about your personal situation as our exclusive Ready to Sell program lets you update the interior and exterior with 0% financing based on your credit and home value with repayment due at 12 months or sooner when your escrow closes with proceeds from the sale.


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Thank you for letting us be your real estate resource, we’re happy to help when the time is right.


-Erick Fernandez