In this video, we break down the case for always getting a custom home valuation here in Santa Cruz County and quite a few areas in the Southbay too. We’re a highly unique region with custom homes that don’t necessarily have similar comps all around to easily determine a number like the big internet sites do. It really does come down to knowledge, critical intel, and knowing the intricacies of a particular neighborhood, which those sites don't have access to.


We actually offer to do this for you so you get an accurate picture of what your home or property is worth in the current market. Simply tap the button directly ABOVE, enter some quick details and we'll send you an instant estimate to satisfy your curiosity, but just TEXT or CALL US at (831) 247-0477, email, or tap the "envelope" icon at the top, upper right corner of this page, to have Erick personally dive into the details to provide a highly custom valuation for you.


“ThoZe” online websites may be quick and easy to get what you want, but like anything, some things are too good (easy) to be true. Recently, we’ve seen differentiations of up to $500k between online and actual valuations so it’s always best to consult with someone who knows the market inside and out.


Our online home valuation page can get you started with our custom valuation process and we’re always happy to dive into your precise situation to get you what you want including determining what critical updates to your home can bring your value up to where it could easily be. And always feel free to call/text us at (831) 247-0477 to chat about your precise scenario.


And to that degree, if your home is a bit outdated, and your neighbors have sold sparkling, newly-renovated homes and you’re left wondering how you’re going to make some magic’s probably time that we chatted about something very unique to our operation. We have our Ready To Sell program that gives you 0% financing based on the equity of your home, that’s paid back when it sells so you can magically get your home looking FANTASTICALLY FABULOUS! Whether it’s a new roof, kitchen updates or a complete curb appeal landscaping overhaul and exterior paint.


With all of this said, we really recommend accessing our library of resources, including our neighborhood search tool for the latest listings in your neighborhood to see where prices are currently at, as well as our weekly blog featuring local real estate-focused news and trends as well as our e-newsletters filled with resources to keep you in the know.


Thank you for letting us be your real estate resource, we’re happy to help when the time is right.

-Erick Fernandez