Ok potential sellers, it’s time to take action as the window is currently wide open for you to take advantage of a sellers market that has very few homes for buyers to choose from. A bit hesitant to put that For Sale sign out front? Problem solved, we have just expanded our READY TO SELL program that gets you 100% prepped to sell your home, from hauling clutter to new floors and updating your bathrooms with all the bills paid through your home’s equity at the close of escrow. Get your home sparkling clean and ready, just give us the keys…it’s that easy, seriously!


And buyers, not to fret, there’s still an art to finding homes amongst the competition…but it really does depend on quite a few variables being part of your home buying tool kit. Two of our specialties are creative negotiation and diligence, so if you need to find that home, it’s time for us to chat to get an exact picture, as what you see online isn’t always current…that home on Zillow might already be sold and its value may be off by as much as $500K in some instances.


Overall, this is a crazy market with lines out the door at Open Houses, so it’s time to get prepped no matter which side you’re on.


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-Erick Fernandez