At this point, just about everything that you’re reading or watching is out of date when it comes to real estate since it’s based on last month’s stats. For buyers and sellers, this can GREATLY impact you as to whether you stay in the market. We’re here to tell you that there are very creative ways to approach this. In this video, we touch on some of those strategies and why it’s critical to speak with us to see how the day’s/week’s changes will affect your specific situation.


In this video, we discuss how 1) sellers are buying permanent (not temporary) points for buyers’ mortgage rates to bring down monthly payments, 2) the art of the bridge loan, 3) how our Ready to Sell program upgrades you home to sell without tapping your reserves, and 4) how CRITICAL it is to speak with us because there are so many hidden opportunities and backstories that simply aren’t included in internet listings that you’re browsing to see what the market looks like.


We led off with the sellers buying points for buyers, here’s a real life scenario to spell out how it works for both sides:


Sales price: $1,220,000

Loan Amount: $855,000


Before the Buydown

Rate: 5.875  (.125) – credit to borrower, this is what they consider the undiscounted rate (closest rate to PAR pricing)


Principal & Interest Payment: $5,057.65


After the Buydown

Rate: 4.75% 2.875 – cost to borrower (this doesn’t include any loan level price adjustments, this is all buydown)


Principal & Interest Payment: $4,460.09



Essentially, they paid 3pts because they gave up the .125 credit from the undiscounted rate. This translates to a reduction of .375% in rate for each 1 point paid.


It should be noted that this is a permanent buydown of the rate. It’s often confused with the 2:1 temporary buydown, which only pays down the rate for the first couple years of the loan.


Plus, we also mentioned Bridge Loans that allow you to buy before you sell your home. There's a lot of detail and variables on this one, so it'd be best for us to chat on this since we have the best in the business as our strategic partners to assist you with this amazing option.


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-Erick Fernandez