We know it can be a bit scary putting your home on the market when competing homes are all looking sparkly and new with the latest styling. We have your back, enter our Ready To Sell program that lets you update your home to maximize your profitability, without the hassle of contractors and countless trips to Home Depot…simply hand us the keys and we’ll take care of everything so you can focus on your next adventure.


From hauling trash from a major decluttering to resurfacing the home's floors or maybe even a kitchen refresh. This program is exclusive to EF Homes and Keller Williams. We do all the heavy lifting to make this a super seamless process that maximizes your ROI (Return On Investment), so it’s the items that can double or triple the investment that are our focus.


The beauty of this is that all enhancements are factored into the closing costs so you never have to pay out of pocket.


You'll be able to transform your property, including:


Exterior/Interior Paint

Roof Repair

Bathroom / Kitchen Enhancements

Repair / Replace Flooring

Cosmetic Renovations

Overhaul Landscaping


We're here to help and can't wait to explain the details, we're extremely excited and look forward to making this a game changer for your home.


We’ve made this an easy, turnkey process so be sure to reach out to find out what your situation might look like so we can get the most for your home.


Thank you for letting us be your Santa Cruz County Real Estate resource,


-Erick Fernandez