For many homeowners, the threat of fire season seems to be extending beyond just the summer months and we wanted to make sure that all those who are impacted know about the latest news and resources. In this episode, we lay out some of the important resources and rules that have been enacted for homeowners, and how that impacts those who might be selling a home or property in zones 1 and 2 in our region. You'll want to visit the CAL Fire website to access the guidelines, inspections and details you need to protect your home, which were mentioned in the video.


If you've been previously impacted by the fires this past year, you'll want to visit the link to our Prop 19 series that spotlights the opportunity for previous fire victims who would like to relocate, allowing them to transfer their property tax basis with them, anywhere throughout California. PLUS, here's a 9/15/21 article from Santa Cruz Local on the recent approvals regarding easing restrictions for those wanting to rebuild their homes.


Be sure to check with us if you have any questions specific to your situation as we really do appreciate you making us your real estate resource. Here are some additional resources if you're considering entering the market:


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