As you have probably noticed, the Silicon Valley’s Southbay real estate market is absolutely RED HOT and doesn’t seem to be slowing down. There are a lot of financing myths and options out there that we want to bring to light so as someone just entering the market, it’s not as intimidating. Our guest this month is mortgage consultant, Tai Boutell, who is powered by Mason-McDuffie Mortgage Corporation's Santa Cruz Lending Group. We’ve worked with Tai for many years in both the South Bay and Santa Cruz markets. He breaks down six dynamic financing programs that are well kept secrets that in some cases, just came on the market. From veterans and solopreneurs to those just graduating medical school, there’s something for almost every situation.


We hope you enjoy this edition of Market Watch for South Bay. And if by chance you’re curious about what Santa Cruz offers as an option in your home search, here’s an easy way to get a lay of the land via our library of resources. Be sure to check out our READY TO STAY & SELL programs allowing 0% financing for 12 months to fix up bathrooms, your roof, landscaping and so much more whether you’re in the market to buy or sell your home. Plus, our Mortgage & Home Value Calculators will help you crunch your numbers.


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-Erick Fernandez