We are in the middle of summer and not only is the weather hot, but the real estate market still is too! The trend we typically see during summer months is that some potential buyers are out traveling or are possibly taking a break due to “buyer fatigue” they’ve experienced during spring. This means that the buyers still out there are serious and ready to put in strong offers, but one of the most important things to cover is pricing your home correctly! You may have just seen neighbors sell their house for top dollar. What you don’t want to do is list your house at that same point or even higher because it might signal to buyers that the ultimate sales price may be out of their range. First we need to compare the condition of your house vs. the house that just sold nearby. Theirs may have been in a spectacular, freshly renovated state and maybe yours needs some touch ups.


That’s where we come in to guide you through a pricing strategy and to help you decide what improvements may be worth completing. Our Ready to Sell Program offers sellers $75,000+ at 0% interest to cover updates and repairs to get your house in top shape!


Thank you for letting me be your real estate resource.

-Erick Fernandez




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