Why Is 20% Over Asking No Longer Shocking?


These stats may have you dropping your jaw, but if you look at Q4 of 2021 where prices had risen 20% to the previous year, you’re looking at a 40% average sale price increase in just a matter of months. There are certain neighborhoods like Black’s Beach400 14th Avenue and 1811 Alice Street, as well as Live Oak - 2510 Begonia Place, The Banana Belt - 211 Parnell Street and 916 Melrose Avenue, and Prospect Heights - 128 Carol Avenue (where this video was filmed) that are experiencing the same level of hyper activity by anxious buyers. There are lots of variables at play with the state of the world, rising interest rates, and those wanting to lock in a long term asset by cashing out a portion of their stock portfolio, at the core of what can only be described as truly unprecedented.


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So with that said, the time most definitely is now to sell and take advantage of this market and we have some tools and resources in the paragraph below that we’ve referenced in this episode that can help expedite the process of prepping your home. 


But not to worry if you’re a buyer…there’s competition, but we have several tools and strategies that we can use to break out of the pack and secure that dream home. This, especially now, is a very custom approach, so it’s always best to touch base with us to have a detailed chat so you know what you’re working with.


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