We’re only about a month away from a slough of new laws going into effect, two of them are SB9 & SB10, which may very well impact your current home as well as selling or buying a home in the coming year. 


SB9 Items to Know

1. It allows homeowners in most areas around the state to divide their property into two lots, thereby increasing opportunities for homeownership in their neighborhood;


2. It allows two homes to be built on each of those lots, with the effect of legalizing fourplexes in areas that previously only allowed one home.


3. SB 9 contains important protections against the displacement of existing tenants.



SB10 Items to Know

1. SB 10 makes it easier for cities to zone for smaller, lower-cost housing developments of up to 10 units to address California’s housing crisis. 


2. SB 10 provides tools for local governments to zone for up to ten homes per parcel in transit-rich areas, or urban infill sites. 


3. SB 10 maintains local control, as a local legislative body must pass a resolution to adopt the plan. It creates a pathway for streamlined upzoning in transit-rich areas, SB 10 allows more Californians, including communities of color, to access high-opportunity and will help alleviate traffic congestion and pollution.



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