Hello Industry friends and colleagues, welcome to the Industry version of our June 2021 Santa Cruz Market Watch, where this month’s headline really is the impact that the ADU is having on this RED HOT real estate market. For Santa Cruz buyers, the ability to add an income-producing unit onto a property can easily shake off the sticker shock of that dream home they’ve just found.


In some cases, there are pockets of Santa Cruz County where homes with ADU’s outnumber those without and there’s a good reason for that. It’s because of the format of homes where a small home naturally comes with a large backyard or property whereas other neighborhoods might have larger homes and smaller acreage.


For many parts of Santa Cruz, the ADU factor is a game changer for buyers. Below, you'll find some great tools and resources related to ADU’s in the Santa Cruz region including an address tool that allows you to see what the regulations and details are for that specific property that your buyers may be interested in.


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Santa Cruz County Planning Dept. For ADU's

Enter Your Address ADU Tool

Local Co. Specializing in ADU's


PLUS, we have links to our mortgage and home value calculators as well as Up-to-the-Minute neighborhood property listings to give your clients a good idea of what’s available.

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