While beautiful, lush-green lawns are eye-catching, your water bill to maintain them might also catch your eye as we all enter a climate of drought restrictions for the foreseeable future. In this episode of our Homeowner Resource Series, we tackle the 101 on jumping into creating your own drought-tolerant landscape. Whether you’re working from a clean slate or you’re considering doing it in baby steps, here are some resources to get your green thumb ready with the latest trends in conserving water.


Smart Sprinkler Review

Grass Alternatives

Smart Drip System

 And for all those buyers and sellers out there, you’ll now have an idea of what to look for and consider as you get ready to enter the market and critique what’s going outside the home that can add value to a property. We love to provide those entering the real estate market with resources and along those lines, we always like to include links to our MORTGAGE + HOME VALUE CALCULATORS, UP TO THE MINUTE LISTINGS, plus our READY TO SELL program that allows sellers to update their home, inside and out (including a complete landscaping overhaul), with 0% financing that’s paid back through proceeds of the sale when escrow closes.

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