CHAPTER ONE: Explore Your Options


The very thought of downsizing may be overwhelming, but your vision of the end result is what has brought you here. In this series we’re covering the six important steps or chapters in this case to go through as you navigate the process. If you’ve missed a step or want to skip ahead, just head to our online Downsizing Headquarters to get what you need. This includes our downloadable The Art of the Downsize workbook that walks you through all the little details to consider and have as part of your process to make your downsizing that much easier.


In this episode, we cover the initial step of really weighing what your downsize looks like. Maybe it’s purely location for walkability and access to essentials or maybe it’s the format of your home and the elements of that arrangement. As we mention in this video, your timeline might be off in the distance, but there could be logistics, whether tax or timing-related so it’s always best to reach out to us. From taking advantage of our system that emails you the second a new home of your specifications in a particular market comes on the market to our Ready To Sell program that gets your upgrades taken care of with just handing us the keys…it’s worth a chat with us via phone, text or email, or just drop by our upper Capitola Village location next to Gayle’s Bakery.


And as we always say, it’s never too early to begin planning as there could be anything from tax advantages to deadlines that could be a gamechanger to your situation so it’s always best to have a chat with us as we live and breathe downsizing with our clients on a daily basis.


We hope you enjoyed this overview of the series we’ve developed for anyone considering a future downsize. Have you checked out our library of resources, including our READY TO Sell program allowing 0% financing for 12 months to fix up bathrooms, your roof, landscaping and so much more so you can sell your home at top value. Plus, our Mortgage & Home Value Calculators will help you crunch your numbers.


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-Erick Fernandez