The Pool Of Buyers Is Growing Right Now!


‘Twas the the night before the New Year, and the buyers were anxiously waiting for January…ok, we’re not going to try that. Basically, our message is that the market is raring to go with the pool of buyers growing by the day in anticipation of 2023 kicking off. We need more sellers to increase the inventory to maintain some stability, so while buyers are anxious, sellers are in control at the moment. The key will be to have a property that shows well, doesn’t need much work and qualifies as “Moveinable” for buyers who don’t want the hassle of a fixer upper if at all possible. Below, you’ll see a link for our amazingly turnkey Ready to Sell program to help you get your curb appeal, roof and/or kitchen and bathroom ready to go. So keep that in mind as you toast 2023 and from all of us here at EF Homes, cheers to a fantastic 2023!




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-Erick Fernandez