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August 2023 MARKET WATCH


Downsizing. There truly is an art to it as the title for this month’s Market Watch states, and for most it’s a BIG decision with a lot of moving parts. Strategically approaching it is key and that’s where we come in as Prop 19 experts on being able to transfer your property tax basis, for one. Fortunately, we can also take the prepping and selling of your home COMPLETELY off your hands, it’s a matter of handing us the keys. Our highly popular Ready to Sell program is all about making it super easy and less stressful, eliminating contractors and Home Depot runs. And if you’re headed out of state, we have you covered as we have vetted colleagues across the nation that can be integrated into our comprehensive downsize process for you.


In this month’s episode, we cover the current real estate landscape you’ll be navigating and while national headlines may be touting lots of negatively-angled click bait, here in Santa Cruz, we’re just simply different. 


And for you buyers, we haven’t forgotten about you as those who are downsizing, whether they’ve worked with us or not to get their home in tip top shape, may have the perfect headquarters for the coastal and/or mountain lifestyle you’re in search of. There are so many dynamics in play so going off of news headlines and websites like Zillow can paint a very different picture than what’s going on in the trenches that we live and breathe each day.


It doesn’t matter which side of the deal you’re on, we’re here to guide you through this market and we recognize everyone’s situation is different, so we recommend getting in touch with us sooner than later so we can strategically prepare you for your jump into real estate. Whether you’re a first time buyer or a veteran seller, let’s chat and make sure you’re using all the resources you have available to you.


We hope you enjoyed this edition of Market Watch. Have you checked out our library of resources, including our READY TO Sell program allowing 0% financing for 12 months to fix up bathrooms, your roof, landscaping and so much more so you can sell your home at top value. Plus, our Mortgage & Home Value Calculators will help you crunch your numbers.


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-Erick Fernandez