OK, so you’re watching this crazy real estate market from the sidelines, but considering jumping in and would like some real-time, real cool intel to assist you. To keep you in the know, 3 tools from our EFHomes.com website need to be part of your game plan.

 First, your ability to search and set up alerts for properties that are or come onto the market in the future is at your fingertips. Whether it’s a specific neighborhood your targeting as a buyer, or just wanting to keep tabs on your own neighborhood as a future seller, you can either DIY or have us assist you in getting this set up so the moment a property goes live, you’ll know it. Here’s the LINK to take you there and feel free to message us so we can set it up for you if you’d like.


Second up is our Ready to Sell program, which if putting your home on the market has crossed your mind, but that outdated kitchen or bathroom would be holding you back from getting top dollar like your neighbors just did. Well, we have you covered, enter our "Ready To Sell" program that's exclusive to EF Homes and Keller Williams. You now have the option of applying for 0% financing in either a loan up to $75k or accessing your home's equity, which could increase that amount quite a bit. Either way, your financing will be paid back when the home sells and the whole construction process is taken off your hands by our team.


Ranging from painting your interior or exterior to kitchen & bathroom improvements as well as roofing repairs...you'll be able to transform your property, including:


Exterior/Interior Paint

Roof Repair

Bathroom / Kitchen Enhancements

Repair / Replace Flooring

Cosmetic Renovations

Overhaul Landscaping


We're here to help and can't wait to explain the details, we're extremely excited and look forward to making this a game changer for your home and coming soon is our Ready to Stay program for recent buyers who want 0% financing on fixing up their recent purchase..


Our 3rd tool for you is that of our home value calculator, simply type in your address as a seller and within seconds. Many of those big online services will provide instant figures, but they can be off the mark quite a bit…our calculator is set up to give you the legit numbers, details and elements that need to be part of this focal point of jumping into the real estate market, whether now or somewhere down the line. 


With all of this said, we really recommend accessing our library of resources here at EFHomes.com, including our neighborhood search tool for the latest listings in neighborhoods already specified across Santa Cruz County and Silicon Valley’s Southbay region.  And our weekly blog featuring local real estate-focused news and trends as well as our e-newsletters (sign up here, below the homepage video), are filled with video-based resources to keep you in the know.


Thank you for letting us be your real estate resource, we’re happy to help when the time is right.


-Erick Fernandez