Welcome to our May 2022 Up-to-the-Minute Market Watch which I felt compelled to share with you because there’s so much going on right now, with lots of clickbait regarding the supposed, ensuing “crash” along with rising rates. None of this is localized, and in our local market, we live in a highly desirable place with unemployment rates being low and we're seeing buyers out there that are very well-qualified that have low debt to income ratios so there's affordability for these high prices. 


Here in Santa Cruz, there are still properties out there for that buyer, and sellers, there is a buyer who's willing to take that house the way it is because they know they can put some sweat equity into it. We want to put the message out there that we're still seeing multiple offers on our listings and that there are options for everyone involved. We have lots of resources that we’ve produced just recently and have available to keep you in the know, all at our blog and throughout our site at EFHomes.com as we’re producing regular video content on so many different issues. 


We want to make sure that you have hyper local intel for your situation, and you can't get better information than touching base with us. A quick call, text or email to see what's happening is so easy. We're here as a resource, and it’s never too early to give us a call and find out what's happening so I look forward to hearing from you, make it a great day!


Thank you for letting us be your local real estate resource,

Erick Fernandez